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Reno Dentist William Platt DDS - Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to the office of William Platt DDS, where experience and caring set us apart.  COME SEE THE DIFFERENCE.

Dr. Bill PlattWe believe in making your dental experience the most comfortable, enjoyable and caring experience you have ever had.

Let us show you the difference!  See why our personalized approach separates us from other offices.

Our sincere goal and desire is to earn your trust and loyalty through our constant concern for your health.

We are passionate about listening to our patients and fulfilling their desires.

Expert in implant restorations.

Specializing in dental implant restorations and smile enhancement through conservative veneers.

We have been serving the Reno, Carson Reno,  Tahoe, Truckee area for over 20 years.

Our experience in providing quality dental treatment and our commitment to our patients have resulted in a thriving practice which always welcomes new patients.

Receive the personalized, high quality dental care you deserve.

Proficient in the fabrication of anti-snoring devices and oral appliances which aid in the treatment of mild sleep apnea

We treat patients the way we would want to be treated.

Dr. Platt is available to his patients. His home number and cell phone numbers are listed.

Thank you for visiting our website. Feel free to call or email our office if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you and your family with the best dental care possible.

See why our personalized approach separates us from other dental offices. Dr. Platt is available to his patients. His home and  cell phone numbers are listed.

"Let's face it, there's a lot of substandard dental care out there; dental offices who are long on marketing and promotion, but short on patient care, consideration, the latest technical expertise, and emergency accommodation. I failed to take the proper care of my choppers early in life, and have paid the price of constant dental complications throughout my adulthood.

For me, a great, concerned, and highly-qualified dental office is an ongoing necessity. Dr Platt and his office have restored my smile aesthetics and general dental health to the absolute best they can be, despite my own prior neglect of them. With a mouth full of crowns, implants and fairly severe gum recession, I need frequent cleanings, and emergency appointments on short notice, to keep my teeth in top shape. Dr. Platt and his super-comtetent staff are always there for me.

I can count on them all to deliver the best dental maintenance experience possible. Dr. Platt is always current on cutting-edge, state of the art treatments, and has an exceptional chairside manner, at once putting patients at ease while also conveying excellence. In addition, as we all know, good dental services aren't cheap, but Dr. Platt is reasonable and will always discuss alternative approaches with you. And he won't let you go out there looking Like Elmer Fudd. Dr. Platt caters to cowards, too.

If you want highly skilled, aesthetic dentistry, served up by an affable, professional and caring staff, give Reno's best dentist, Dr. Wiiliam Platt, a try: You'll be as completely satisfied as I am.

-GMK Reno, NV"

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